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Glen Cove's Premier CrossFit Facility

At RADD, we make sure you leave every workout sweaty and happy! Nobody sticks to a workout regimen they hate (we wouldn’t either), so we put our everything into making sure we’ve got the most fun workouts, friendliest members, and motivating coaches in New York! We guarantee you’ll have the best hour of your day with us.

This is where lifelong relationships and healthy habits are built. Our community is made up of people that love getting fit and building friendships in the process. Why work out at an impersonal globo gym when you can bond over the best workout you’ve ever had ... every single day?

Our specialty classes, talented trainers, and high-five-crazy members are just the start of why RADD continues to grow. Come on in and let us unleash the inner athlete in you!

You don’t get the butt you want by sitting on it

What are you waiting for?

Our Facility

Our location means you’re never far from a great workout. RADD CrossFit is conveniently located near Sea Cliff and Glen Head. It is a half mile up the road from Sea Cliff Train station and has 4,000-square-feet of space. We also have a ton of top-tier CrossFit tools and toys, a SMART board, and a shower.


  • Allison

    Overall, within a year, I lost about 26 pounds and a lot inches and a lot of body fat. And I felt like I really got into, like, great shape...It is a way of life, it has fully become a way of life. Everything. CrossFit, my diet, has fully been…

  • Lisa K

    Since joining CrossFit my cholesterol has gone down 50 points!

  • Matt

    I actually had been reading a lot about it [CrossFit] and walked by one day, on a Sunday, and I was going to see if anyone was there but it looked like it was closed, so I walked away. Rob Gutierrez, one of the owners, actually chased me down the…